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Digit Car Insurance Policy Online|Car Insurance Types and Benifits

Digit Car Insurance Policy Online|Car Insurance Types and Benifits

Digit Car Insurance Policy Online|Car Insurance Types and Benifits
 Car insurance policy Benifits

Car insurance is a type of auto insurance. Car insurance is used to provide financial protection against bodily harm or liability arising from traffic accidents and injuries caused by vehicle accidents. The specific terms of car insurance may vary according to the legal rules in each area.

Car Insurance - This insurance covers the loss of your car, personal injury, vehicle and third party property in the event of any accident.

There are different types of car insurance in India.

Private Car Insurance - Private car insurance is one of the most important developing sectors in India as it is mandatory for all new car vehicles. The amount of premium depends on the make-up and price of the car, where the car is registered and the year of production. If no insurance claim was made in the previous year, the amount can be deducted from the insurance company by claiming a nine-claim bonus.

Two Wheeler Insurance - Two Wheeler Insurance is a form of car insurance insurance that covers Car Drivers Accident Insurance. The amount of the premium depends on the current showroom price, which is several times higher than the depreciation rate set by the Tariff Advisory Committee at the beginning of the policy period.

Commercial vehicle insurance - Commercial vehicle insurance is the third type of car insurance. In India, all vehicles not used for personal purposes such as trucks and HMVs are provided. The premium amount depends on the beginning of the insurance period at the place of registration, the make-up of the vehicle and the showroom cost of the vehicle.

Types of car insurance policy

There are two types of car insurance policy available in India:

Comprehensive insurance policy

What if your car was hit by a collision or hail? Universal car insurance will cover all of these and much more. This is comprehensive car insurance, which protects your car as well as other people's vehicles and property. You also receive compensation for theft, fire, malicious activity, or damage caused by a natural disaster.

Third party car insurance policy

If the collision is your fault, you are bound to indemnify the third party. Third party insurance covers you in such situations. It damages the vehicles and other people's property with your car. However, if you make a mistake, the damages will not be paid.

Car insurance can pay for repairing your vehicle after an accident depending on what coverage you select in your car insurance policy. A vehicle is often a some big expense and you want to protect it then you have to be insurance of your car. Comprehensive and collision each offer coverage for physical damage, which comes with a lot of rules regarding what is covered in the policy and what is not in car insurance company.

Is it secure or safe to purchase car insurance online ?

Yes, you can buy car insurance online without a worry in the world. In fact, a large amount of all car insurance is purchased over the internet these days.Some insurance companies have good firewalls and strict privacy policies in place.This keeps policy holder transactions & information safe & secure at all times.

Auto insurance usually includes:

1) Loss or damage by accident, fire, lightning, self-ignition, external explosion, theft, house breaking or theft.

2) Third party injury / death, third party property and driver liability
Damage / loss of electrical / electronic goods after paying appropriate additional premium.

Auto insurance does not cover:

Impact of damage, mechanical and electrical damage
Whenever the vehicle is used on the road, in a geographical area or in drunken driving.

Third party insurance
This cover is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 in India. This cover cannot be used for personal injury. It is awarded at a low premium, and the third party claim is liable under "no fault". Car insurance premiums are calculated at the rate provided by the Tariff Advisory Committee of India.

Car insurance third party liability policy

Loss of third party vehicle or property. In such cases the limit of payment is up to 7.5 lakhs.

Some kind of personal loss like personal loss. There is no limit of liability in such times.

Not covered if following issue occurre.

1) You were drunk or driving without a valid driving license.

2) You have a teacher's license and the next passenger is driving a seat without a valid driving license.

3) There are no losses or direct consequences of the accident.

Car insurance is very important to protect your life. There are many benefits of car insurance. If you like this car insurance policy, please share it with someone.

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